Extended Bay Area Premiere of
by Joshua Harmon
Magic Theatre-San Francisco
Directed by Ryan Guzzo Purcell

Real and heartfealt.  Rebecca Benhayon is amazing-her Daphna is nasty, bitingly spiteful, yet often on targetShe’s onstage almost all the time-it’s an exhausting role and Benhayon excels in it.

                  -Paula Campbell, AAUW

The ensemble is altogether stellar.  Benhayon probes layers of pain and hurt and humor in the judgmental and bitter Daphna.

      -Jenn Schiffman, SF Examiner

Rebecca Benhayon as Daphna in the Bay Area Premiere of "Bad Jews" by Josh Harmon.

Rebecca Benhayon as Daphna in the Bay Area Premiere of "Bad Jews" by Josh Harmon.

As played by a scintillating Rebecca Benhayon, she’s a resolutely Jewish-identified nonstop talker and intent listener, with a keen ear for any chance to push her own case, take umbrage or assert the depth of her cultural and religious identity.
Daphna and Liam may even learn a little something about themselves, as Benhayon and Rosenak’s ruefully chastened performances bring “Bad” to a satisfyingly ambivalent close.

                                                                                                                             -Robert Hurwitt-San Francisco Chronicle

Rebecca Benhayon & Kenny Toll in Magic Theatre's "Bad Jews."

Rebecca Benhayon & Kenny Toll in Magic Theatre's "Bad Jews."

 [T}he actors give tour-de-force performances with Rebecca Benhayon’s non-stop-talking Daphna dominating the play from the opening scene with the docile Jonah.

-Kedar D. Amour, Theatre World Internet Magazine

Among the quartet of actors, Rebecca Benhayon makes a scarily convincing Daphna.

-Robert Hall, RepeatPerformances.Org

And fly those sparks do.  Benhayon and Rosenak shine in their respective roles, unleashing virulent monologues as bitingly funny as they are squirmingly unpleasant.  Much of the play’s humor–and it is very funny–derives from the appalling depths to which both Liam and Daphna are prepared to sink in their castigation of one another. 

-Revolutions Per Minute

Rebecca Benhayon as Daphna is the brilliant non-stop-talker who listens only long enough to gather ammunition with which to skewer everyone else in the room.

-SF Theater Blog, DAK

Rebecca Benhayon, Kenny Toll, Max Rosenak, & Riley Krull in "Bad Jews."

Rebecca Benhayon, Kenny Toll, Max Rosenak, & Riley Krull in "Bad Jews."

Superb performances under Ryan Guzzo Purcell’s fast pact direction make this a gripping production. Rebecca Benhayon gives a vivid performance as Daphna. She conveys all of the character’s needling assurance while hinting at her lurking insecurity.  

-Richard Connema, For All Events

World Premiere of
by Robert Attenweiler
Dobama Theatre, Cleveland, OH & The Comic Book Theater Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Directed by Anna Brenner

Rebecca Benhayon in "Our Greatest Year."

Rebecca Benhayon in "Our Greatest Year."

"Our Greatest Year"...is an oasis of psychological complexity among the bells and whistles of the Comic Book Theater Festival.
 [Rebecca Benhayon] bring this unflagging mystified wife to vivid life...

-Eric Grode, The New York Times

"Our Greatest Year" is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and always unflinchingly honest. It is directed by Anna Brenner, and performed by Attenweiler's frequent collaborator Rebecca Benhayon (as Elton) and Eric Slater (as Harvey). Both give nuanced, deeply felt performances.

-Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com

As the married couple Slater and Benhayon have a fine, lived-in chemistry. Their scenes together have a sense of real intimacy … Their performances are emotionally rich and psychologically complex, and it is heartbreaking to watch as their characters’ relationship quietly implodes.

-Amanda LaPergola, The Mary Sue